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Watertech S.p.A.

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Body, non-return valve, rear part and safety valve are moulded in 30% fibreglass reinforced polyamide 6 (PA6GF30).
This allows for obtaining a high resistance to wear and pressure.

The diffuser diaphragm and gasket are moulded in EPDM ( Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer ).
This guarantees exceptional reliability and durability.

The flow valve, pressure gauge rod and the diffuser are all in brass (OT58). The dimensional stability of the metal guarantees the operation of the components.

The spring is made in UNI 3823 steel wire.
The stabilisation process guarantees the operation of the pressure switch, essential for the
pump start-up precision and the system pressure adjustment. The dimensions and structure of the same allow for considerably reducing the effects of water hammering.

The box containing the electrical part is moulded in shockproof self-extinguishing polystyrene (PSau).

The use of prime materials and top-of-the-range components allows for achieving high levels of dimensional stability, resistance to wear and bursting and duration over time as opposed to other products made with poorer quality materials and components often not admitted by the EEC standards.

Tutti i prodotti Watertech sono conformi alle vigenti direttive CEE e sono approvati e certificati VDE.  I prodotti MASCONTROL e CONTROLPRES per U.S.A. godono di certificazione UL.
WATERTECH SpA - P.IVA: 01787160975