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Advantages of Mascontrol Vs. Presscontrol

Whereas PRESSCONTROL, and in general all the other products of the competition, only have 1 unions, MASCONTROL has 1 ¼ unions and enlarged components for reducing the pressure losses and ensuring a greater flow rate. This also makes it possible to use MASCONTROL on irrigation systems.

Pressure losses
Flow rate litres per minute 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
PRESSCONTROL Losses in bar 0,3 0,6 1 1,5 2,2    
MASCONTROL Losses in bar 0,1 0,2 0,4 0,7 1 1,3 1,6
maximum current
maximum power

16 (8)A    
1,5 kW (2 HP)   
maximum current
maximum power

30 (16)A
2,2 kW (3 HP)
The increase in the electrical parts allows for managing pumps with greater powers with up to a maximum of 3 HP without the application of a remote control switch. This offers remarkable savings for the tap and tap-friendly installation for the plumber who need not resort to intervention by an electrician.

Tutti i prodotti Watertech sono conformi alle vigenti direttive CEE e sono approvati e certificati VDE.  I prodotti MASCONTROL e CONTROLPRES per U.S.A. godono di certificazione UL.
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