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Watertech S.p.A.

Via di Le Prata, 124
50041 - Calenzano (Firenze) - Italia

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In order to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings please observe the following:

The products are covered by the guarantee for a period of 24 months from the date of shipment printed on the body of each item.

For the guarantee to be applicable, the material must be forwarded to our factory accompanied by a copy of the fiscally valid documents demonstrating the effective delivery of the products. 

The material must be forwarded free port to our factory and if after the technical analysis, the guarantee is considered as applicable we will reimburse the shipping costs according to the current rates in force.

The guarantee covers construction material defects and manufacturing defects.

The products returned to our factory must not have been tampered with.   

The guarantee shall not be applicable if the product has been subjected to the following: 

  • Damage deriving from transport if carried out by the customer.
  • Faults caused by incorrect electrical wiring and/or hydraulic connections, or in the event of incorrect installation.
  • Faults deriving from incompatibility of the fluid with the construction materials, excessive presence of sand, galvanic flows, unauthorised technical modifications, electrical and/or hydraulic parameters that are incompatible with the product.
  • Wear caused by normal wear and tear of the materials.
  • Faults caused by insufficient maintenance of the system.
  • Faults caused by incorrect technical selection of the product.
  • Faults deriving from installations not complying with the norms in force .
  • The guarantee shall not be applicable to new products that have never been installed and are still sealed in their packaging.

The guarantee shall be considered valid at our own unquestionable judgement, and we shall replace or repair the defective product in the shortest possible time.

The granting of the guarantee shall not entitle the customer to claim for direct or indirect damage caused by the products.  

Problems arising in connection with the guarantee shall not authorise the customer to rescind from his/her contractual obligations.

All disputes shall be settled by the Court of Florence.

Tutti i prodotti Watertech sono conformi alle vigenti direttive CEE e sono approvati e certificati VDE.  I prodotti MASCONTROL e CONTROLPRES per U.S.A. godono di certificazione UL.
WATERTECH SpA - P.IVA: 01787160975