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Marks and Certificates
Our products have passed all the quality and safety standard compliance tests for obtaining certification from the most influential and prestigious international certification bodies.

Mark of compliance with the EEC directive (self-certification)
Second German mark certifying and guaranteeing compliance with the EEC directives of products destined for the European market.
Certification mark of the United States and Canada guaranteeing the quality and safety of the products destined for those markets.

UL is the most prestigious and well known marks on an international level. The bodies issuing these marks carry out surveillance with periodic controls and sampling of products care of the manufacturers factory and on the market in order to check the compliance of the production with the standards.

The data relating to the compliance certificates is indicated in the installation manual of our products.

The CE conformity declarations and the certificates of the various marks are available on request.

Tutti i prodotti Watertech sono conformi alle vigenti direttive CEE e sono approvati e certificati VDE.  I prodotti MASCONTROL e CONTROLPRES per U.S.A. godono di certificazione UL.
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